New coronavírus (COVID-19)

New coronavírus (COVID-19)


We have the "Know How". We develop tailor-made solutions and specialize in technology.

Once again, it is based on this motto, that LogicPulse wants to be at your side to find a solution that meets your needs, in the management of our customer service.  

In the recent past, the importance of queue management was determinant to increase the quality / optimization of our services and consequently the satisfaction of our customers.  



In the present, with this new reality that we have to face and with all the preventive measures, indicated by WHO, where the agglomeration and conditioning of circulation and interaction of people are the order of the day, a solution of queue management / service, gains even more importance in the continuity of quality and optimization for our customers' services. Reduce and optimize the waiting time, give comfort and a sense of security to our customers, as well as avoid the overload of service, allowing a better performance of care by employees, also providing them a protection and determination due, to culminate in a quality service, safe and maximum satisfaction.

How does our Q.track - queue management solution respond to these indications in practice?

The functionalities of our service solution are very wide and are all based on these common objectives that we mentioned.

Security and Comfort!

For those who coordinate the service, functions such as real time metrics and modular systems of central management of multi-locations, can make a service management of their customers/users, in a simple, functional and objective way.

For customers/users, our Q.track queue management solution has a Mobile App, an SMS service, or even the allocation of consultations through the Citizen Card, in the kiosk itself, without having to go to the counter, thus promoting a self service for customers/users, in a comfortable and safe way. To complement the management, projection and use of these contents, both from an administrative point of view and from the point of view of the user, we have in our modular Coporative TV solution, the indicated complement for this need.

These functions stand out, among others, that our Queue Management Solution / Q.track service, has and will certainly help our customers in the maintenance, improvement and adaptation of their services to this new reality, in which we all have to play a role, entrepreneurial and determined, both professionally and socially, to face the adversities of the present and achieve a better future.


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